The Redwood Falls Municipal Airport was the recipient of the 2018 Intermediate General Aviation Airport award for the Multi-Bay Storage Hangar. Everstrong Construction was the contractor on this project.

  • Airport Sponsor: City of Redwood Falls
  • Consultant: Bolton & Menk, Inc.
  • Contractor: Everstrong Construction, Inc.

Early in 1982, representatives of 18 Minnesota airports met to form an organization for the purpose of cooperation, information exchange and aviation promotion in Minnesota. A non-profit organization was formed with bylaws adopted on April 27, 1983, at MCOA’s first annual meeting.

Membership in MCOA is open to Minnesota airports which are open to the public.  Each member airport designates one voting member.  Non-voting membership is available to aviation-oriented businesses, associations or individuals dealing principally with aviation.  The MCOA Board of Directors are elected by the voting membership at each annual meeting.

MCOA and the Minnesota Department of Transportation, Office of Aeronautics have a unique relationship.  Minnesota Department of Transportation, Office of Aeronautics provides technical and financial support to Minnesota cities for airport planning development and maintenance.  They also:

  • Own and maintain navigation systems
  • Inspect and license Minnesota airports and commercial operations
  • Provide detailed weather information via computer, telephone, radio broadcast and television
  • Sponsor aviation safety seminars jointly with the FAA

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